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ATO Engineering Ltd. is a company founded in 2000 with headquarters in Osijek, Croatia. Through partnerships with suppliers it has developed wide internal base of technical and technological knowledge and experience within the numerous application in a variety of technical, technological and energy plants. The company operates in multiple industries and markets, which guarantees business stability.

Electrical engineering and system integration monitoring and control in industrial, technological and energy plants.

Why ATO Engineering?

Process organization of company with an emphasis on quality business and its continuous improvement
Knowledge of the industry branches
Service contracts
Assistance to Investors in investment preparation
Actively monitoring the market
Careful Subcontractors Selection
Financial stability
High specialization in demanding tasks
Cyber Security & Digital Transfomation

Trusted team

Confide your business to a trusted team who can justify it with its:

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Providing quality and complex developement services, implementation and maintaining of technical and technological systems, as well as supervising and managing industrial, technological and energetic plants with business focused on ensuring satisfaction of all interested parties.


Strenghtening the position among leading engineering companies in domestic market and staying a desirable partner for investors and contractors of major projects, sustaining and further developing an effecient managing system, expanding services and knowledge on to new fields and developing individual activities on international markets.



ATO's key assignment is establishing a management system that is based on TQM's quality and philosophy factors ensuring business excellence as above average skill of leading complete organisation and achieving desired results. Special emphasis is put on setting and monitoring of goal completion, all for the purpose of satisfying all interested parties alongside of achieving business efficiency of our company. To achieve defined level of excellence of management system, Management has clearly chosen implementation of ISO9000ff standards and go along standards of best practices, applying continuous improvement demands.


To ATO, competence is the key motivational element. In order to realize its mission of providing quality and demanding services it is of most importance to ensure competence in all areas and all levels of activities.Competence relates on complete organisation, its structure, tehnical and tehnological activity level, and all employees and business partners. It is ensured with process of permanent education and self-learning , quallity chosen staff, certificating and licencing through partners and franchise contracts with vendors, gaining formal legal competences for the firm and employees and after all objective evaluation of all the elements of competence.


ATO's systematic approach of managing ensures overview of all processes and their role in the context of managing the entirety in which is important that all organizational units accomplish their mission in a way of giving their maximum within given tasks and their role in the company. Individual and department interests can not have an advantage over company's interest.


Continous system developement is an imperativ and ATO's key assignment and is ensured by developement of profession, employees, business partners and clients. In that process ATO has a task to accept and tranfer new knowledge and tehnologies within the branches.


Partnership is vital for achieving vision of providing quality and demanding developing services, services of implementation and maintaining tehnical and tehnological systems as well as supervising and managing systems. In order to execute its vision ATO must develop knowledge, technologies and experience through partnerships and transfer all of those toward its clients with intention of establishing mutual confidence and respect. Through partnership with vendors and clients win-win-win situation is accomplished.


ATO is a company in which mutual respect and tolerance of all parties within all the layers is extremely important for successful performance of all assigned tasks and mission accomplishment. Respect applies to: attitude toward other professions, other professional qualifications, relations between employees, toward clients, partners and all interested parties, attitude towards hierarchy and diversity by any meaning.


The business of ATO and each individual within the system must be conducted within the moral and ethical principles of the community.


ATO's policy of persistence is an important value in the processes within the company and relations to customers and vendors in order to establish a relationship in which all parties will be able to provide long-term interest. Our product is our knowledge.

Values and business policies

By choosing quality and recognizing its importance for ATO's business, management defined business values and based on those values partial business policies which ultimately create a quallity policy of the organisation.