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Our Solutions

Cybernetic Safety of Industrial Systems

IT (Information technology) and OT (operating technology - industrial hardware and software for monitoring and management systems) face pretty contradictory demands in a matter of availability, integrity and confidentiality which, in terms of cyber security, can not be considered together in any way. Specific knowledge requires special cybernetic security experts in both areas, who ultimately need to cooperate and consolidate the results of their work.

- Assessment of vulnerability
- Certification and accreditation
- Penetration testing
- Security assessment
- Analysis
- Development of recovery plan

- Development of plans and policies
- Designing network security / security surveillance
- Software development
- Supply of software tools
- Security solution
- Development / integration / testing

- Securing systems
- Managing response to incidents
- Continuous improvement of security
• Coordination of external participants

A systematic approach to maintenance service

Based on extensive experience and references in a variety of plants, ATO Engineering Ltd. offers industrial plant consultation services, preventive and corrective maintenance of electrical and instrument & control systems.

Maintenance activities are due to the time sequence and commercial reasons grouped into several phases:

  1. 1. PHASE: Preliminary review and systematization of the available technical documentation and software applications and creating documents "as built" and the formation of a central documentation file with all the relevant maintenance data, recommendations of the adequate actions in order to collect the required reports and regular inspections and measurements, recommendation of list of spare parts.

  2. 2. PHASE: Fabrication/drafting of a plan and program of preventive maintenance, periodic inspections and planned outages in order to raise a level of operational safety of the plant. Recurrent training and training of operating personnel on duty of the Employer. 24/7 response of engineers on first call from the Customer.

  3. 3. PHASE: Recommendations of the various measures of rationalization, consulting, optimization etc.

ISO 50001 Implementation

ISO 50001 is based on the model of the management system of ISO, which is used in standards of management systems. Its strength is in process plan-do-check-act (PDCA) philosophy for continual improvement of the system of energy management. This allows integration of organization's energy management with other organization's quality management systems, environmental management, etc..

ATO participation:

  • Consulting services for the implementation and maintenance of ISO 50001: 2011 Energy Management System. It is estimated that this norm, which is focused on wider application in all economic sectors, affects about 60% of world energy use.
  • Testing and verification of the conformity of compliance of all business and technical aspects and processes with the standard EN ISO 50001
  • The harmonization of all business and technical aspects and processes with the standard EN ISO 50001 
  • Energy audit
  • Conformity assessment and certification according to the standard EN ISO 50001  standard 

Various telemetry systems for monitoring and management

In geographically widespread systems of control and management (the water supply, drainage, gas distribution, distribution of electricity, transportation of oil or gas, etc.),  a WAN (Wide Area Network) two-way transmission of process data is used. Such systems of control and management are called - Telemetry.

A variety of portable media / technology are at disposal:

  • WLAN
  • GPRS

ATO Engineering Ltd. has solutions in the application of different telemetry technologies and standards.

Secundary Power Regulation in Thermal and Hydro Power Plants

ATO Engineering Ltd. is specialized in the development and implementation of software systems of secondary regulation of active and reactive power in the hydro and thermal power plants. Software allows to connect to one or more of the control centers via IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104 communication protocol, and optimal allocation of production to facilities with more turbine units.

The Register of taken and used water

Regulation about forming a register of taken and used of water  prescribes the content and way of keeping the register of water quantities that affects the companies and households referred to in Article 80, Paragraph 1 of the Law on Waters ("Croatian Official Gazette", number 153/09), including the measurement of affected or used amount of water, and submitting the data to Public Company of Croatian waters.

ATO Engineering Ltd. developed automated monitoring and reporting system - Ocevidnik.

Control of High Voltage agregates in electrostatic percipitators- ESP

Filtration of solid particles contained in the exhaust gases of power plants with solid fossil fuel is an important factor in meeting the high environmental criteria that prevail in this field in most countries of the world.

Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) are filtration devices that remove particles of dust and smoke from the exhaust gases by means of induced electrostatic discharge.

ATO Engineering Ltd. participated in implementation of all electrical and control component of electric and hybrid filter of exhaust gases particles.

A plant for processing drinking water

Drinking water is obtained by treating water from artesian wells or watercourses where the water removed from all chemical elements which were polluting water. EU directives and legislation have stringent criteria and permissible limits of chemical elements which must be present in drinking water what makes this process more and more demanding. It is also a challenge to reduce losses and quickly locate  possible failure or leakage of drinking water by using telemetric control of the distribution network .

In terms of processing drinking water company ATO Engineering Ltd. has experience and references to the various systems and technologies of processing and obtaining drinking water:

  • filtration with sand-biological closed type (pressure) filter
  • filtration with sand and carbon open type filter
  • ultrafiltration

Control of the distribution network is implemented telemetry, through measuring control cells that collect information vital to the distribution network.

ATO Engineering Ltd. offers extensive experience and references in designing, testing and commissioning of equipment for the production of drinking water and telemetry control systems in the distribution of drinking water.

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Caused by more and more demanding environmental standards as well as standards in monitoring waste water treatment,  demands to improve the quality of wastewater from urban and industrial water are growing as well as the control of sewage networks and sewage pumping stations transporting wastewater to the wastewater treatment facility.

The systems of control and management that we have built on networks of drainage and wastewater treatment water enables fully automatic control of the process of purification of waste waters with the recording and archiving of all relevant process parameters and control the flow of wastewater through telemetry control over drainage pumping stations.

ATO Engineering Ltd. offers extensive experience and references in designing, testing and commissioning of equipment for waste water treatment and sewage pumping station in sewage systems.