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We design all kinds of project documentation, basic and detailed design,conceptual solutions, conceptual projects, major projects, performance projects and constructed projects. 

Our engineers possess great knowledge and experience needed for the most demanding projects in the field of electrical engineering. For designing project documentation we use most advanced available 2D and 3D tools (ePlan, Comos, ACAD, Simaris Design...)

Our design solutions are consistent with the current legislation, regulations, national and international industry standards and best practices of the profession.

We pay special attention to work safety, environmental protection and the energy efficiency of our project solutions. We also provide consulting services and supervision over construction in the field of electrical engineering.

Design Documentation:

  • Medium voltage systems
  • Determination of short-circuit current, selection and dimensioning switchgear, cables, transformers, grounding, protection
  • Electrical project for transformer and/or diesel-generator set
  • Low voltage power distribution board and Motor Control Centre
  • The I&C documentation (Instrumentation and Control systems)
  • Process flow diagram
  • Diagram of pipelines and equipment
  • Marking loop
  • List of instruments
  • Specification - Forms
  • Diagrams and descriptions of logic
  • plan accommodation
  • Details of installation
  • Diagrams loop
  • SIL documentation
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Instructions for operator and maintenance

Levels of documentation:

  • Concept
  • Preliminary design
  • Feasibility Study
  • Tender documents
  • Main project
  • Detailed design
  • As Built design

Types of documents per application/usage:

  • Electrical Distribution
  • Subdistribution
  • MCC
  • Lighting
  • telecomunications
  • Process network
  • Alarm system, fire protection and the installation alert
  • Installation in potentially explosive gases -ATEX
  • Multimedia
  • Lifts / elevators / cranes
  • Intercom (audio / video)
  • Spare power diesel / ups / double power supply / switching automatics
  • Energy (energy management)
  • earthing systems

Software tools used for preparation of project documentation:

  • Simaris design
  • SCFA 8.1
  • SeeElectrical
  • CADdy
  • MS Word

Why ATO in design?

The service of design documents, regardless of the level of work is key to the whole project from the standpoint of functionality of designed system, the time and cost of performing the job, as well as the subsequent cost in operation. For this reason it is good to entrust design tasks to the proven team who can justify it with their:

  • References from a number of investors for the project documentation
  • Procedures for instalation and startup
  • Up to date with the legislation, standards and best practices
  • The number and experience of engineers
  • Knowledge of the industry branches and experience in performing
  • Partnerships
  • Certificates
  • Permanent internal and external training of its employees by checking the acquired knowledge
  • Design tools
  • Own offices and vehicles

Software Applications Development

ATO Inzenjering is specialized in integrating PLC, DCS, HMI and SCADA application control and management systems. A large number of highly demanded and successfully implemented projects gives us the right to assert that we belong to leading companies in this field in the region.

We provide services of developing  supervisory, regulatory, fail-safe and high tolerant applications and their communication with superior and other devices.

We are experts in using the Siemens SIMATIC S7, PCS7, TXP, T-3000 and WinCC management systems, but we are also keen on many other systems by other suppliers Allen Bradley, ABB, Koncar ...

Creating a PLC / SCADA / DCS software applications

The process application development is closely linked to the project activities, drafting the control cabinets, and in the activity of test control and monitoring systems before commissioning.

HMI software applications that allow visualization of control situations and tasks, to help operators, are also developed through appropriate development package.

Activity Development PLC / SCADA / DCS software application called System Integration of control and management or Control System Integration.

What is important?

The service of creating software applications, regardless of the level of work done is important for system control and management because the application requires:

  • stability and reliability of applications, transparency code and function
  • use of proven function
  • ease of performance testing, testing and commissioning of the long-term, timeliness and quality of development tools that are being developed

The most commonly used software platform:

  • Siemens: SIMATIC S5, SIMATIC S7, WinCC HMI, WinCC Flexible, TIA Portal, PCS7, Teleperm XP, TXP2000, TXP3000
  • Allen Bradley PLC/Rockwell HMI
  • ABB 800xa DCS
  • Proleit
  • Končar ProzaNET
  • Wonderware Intouch
  • and other

Why ATO in softvare application developement?

  • Standard blocks, quality policy, internal standards, the use of proven and reputable hardware and software platforms
  • Owning a number of development tools (different manufacturers, type and version)
  • Engineers trained to create applications (different manufacturers, type and version), automatic control, telemetry and program the PLC, DCS and SCADA / HMI systems
  • Years of experience in the development of complex control and monitoring systems
  • The modernization of the existing control and monitoring systems
  • Upgrading existing PLC system
  • The modernization or upgrading the SCADA / HMI system
  • Connecting systems from different vendors
  • Migration and breeding on newer systems of control and management
  • Increase of the value of the existing control and monitoring systems
  • Certified in OT cybersecurity

Assembling of control and low voltage cabinets

Low voltage switchboards and power distribution cabinets are components that are used for functionally connecting electrical power sources (generators, transformers, cables) with loads (motors, heaters, lighting components ...) including circuit protection and measuring systems.

Our team of experienced technicians and a controlled, well-designed manufacturing process allow us to manufacture cabinets to the highest standards.

We make cabinets which we have designed and engineered as well as ones someone else did:

  • Low voltage distribution and distribution cabinets are components that are used for functionally connecting electrical power sources (generators, transformers, cables) with loads (motors, heaters, lighting components ...).
  • In modern plant more complexity, low voltage distribution systems can fully perform its function in providing and distributing electric power only if they can be included in the system of control and management.
  • Control cabinets have the task to accommodate and link elements of the system of supervision and management, with an emphasis on long-lasting and reliable functioning.

We manufacture various types of low-voltage switchboards and control cabinets:

  • Main LV switchboard
  • Subdistribution
  • Distribution cabinets for powering motor drive MCC
  • Distribution cabinets for measurement, control and management
  • Control cabinets PLC and DCS
  • Marshalling cabinets
  • Local boxes


We also offer a solution in the Explosion Protection (Ex) for potentially explosive dust and gas.

Siemens Solution Partner Certified Technologies:
• Advanced Factory Automation
• Industrial Communications
• Process Control System SIMATIC PCS 7
• Process Instrumentation SIEMENS Certified 

Prior to delivery is carried out extensive factory testing in accordance with international IEC standards, other international standards and specific contractual requirements.

Production is followed by strict procedures.

A special solution for which we have been certified:

SIVACON S8 - Siemens certified retractable system main distribution subdistribution and MCC:

  • Bus systems up to 7000A
  • Different types of cabinets (supply, fixed, removable, analytic stripes)
  • Retractable motor and cable inlets / outlets, coding
  • The high degree of reliability, availability, efficiency, quality and safety
  • Uniform solutions
  • SIMOCODE multifunctional electronic device for motor with integrated control - control and diagnostic functions protection.

Why ATO in assembling LV switchboard cabinets?

  • Designer's supervision of engineers
  • Quality of manufactured cabinets
  • Continuous monitoring of the production
  • Quality testing
  • Application of standards that guarantee high reliability of created system
  • Regular training of technicians and engineers involved in cabinet development
  • First-class components and input controls

Construction - Electrical Installation, Cabling and Connection

Construction installation, cabling and connection of electrical equipment, elements of control and monitoring systems are specialized tasks that are performed during the construction or reconstruction of facilities or buildings.

Main electrical installation activities are:

  • Dismantling and disposal of old equipment
  • Setting electrical, distribution and local equipment in the space provided
  • Installation of cable routes
  • Setting cable
  • Connecting cable
  • The installation of grounding and lightning protection systems
  • Connecting devices of process instrumentation and analytics
  • Connecting electric drives
  • Installation of lighting systems

Why ATO in electric installation?

Construction of electric installation requires experienced technicians, engineers, and project managers for job to be to quality, timely, safely and efficiently done. The company ATO Engineering Ltd. is well equipped to be able to do tasks of high complexity, and in case of need to perform operations of very high intensity or far from the headquarters of the company, using the proven partners for assembly activities.

Testing and commissioning

After the installation and connection of equipment in the unit, we carry out the test system on cold, tests on warm and commissioning and trial operation.

The examination staff examines in accordance with the documentation prepared for trial and protocols that are consistent with the policies and procedures of quality.

Testing is performed in the following steps:

  1. Parametering of protection devices, process instrumentation, various inverters, barriers, soft starter, frequency converters, SIMOCODE, a thermostat, of UPS etc.
  2. Testing signal circuits from the actuators to the interface for operators
  3. Testing logic management
  4. Testing sequences
  5. Setting the measuring control circuits

Why ATO in testing and commissioning?

Testing and commissioning projects require specially experienced engineers and technicians. Participation of ATO Engineering Ltd. employees in testing and commissioning on many different workplaces in different industries makes our company a regional leader in this field.


ATO Inzenjering provides preventive and corrective maintenance services in complex systems such as control systems, power system protection, modern low-voltage switchgear and MCC system, the system of reserve power, medium voltage systems, etc., is important in task of ensuring operational readiness and availability.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Service preventive and corrective maintenance in complex systems such as system monitoring and control, power system protection, modern low-voltage switchgear and MCC system, the system of reserve power, medium voltage systems, etc., is significant in ensuring operational readiness.


The preventive maintenance activities These include periodic preventive visual inspection equipment, preventive activities to clean watershed, preventive tightening terminals, auditing vital equipment and systems, control of spare batteries, control functions are rarely used and protective systems, thermographic inspections of equipment in operation for the purpose of early detection of failure, all in accordance with the prescribed periods of preventive examinations.


Corrective Maintenance understands that activities to be carried out in the event of failure or defects of the system, after a call by a user of the system.


Why ATO in maintenance?


In its business ATO Engineering Ltd. performs maintanance activities in a conciderable proportion. Engineers and technicians are experienced in maintenance activities.

Years of experience has resulted in a systematic approach in maintenance, in several steps:

  • Access Review, systematization of documentation and backup software applications,
  • Assumption of preventive maintenance activities and training of client's staff,
  • Corrective maintenance,
  • Consultation.

Multi-annual contracts for preventive and corrective maintenance of electrical parts and supervisory control systems of a plant are carried out in of various types facilities:

  • thermal powerplants
  • Water and wastewater facilities
  • Systems for the distribution of drinking water
  • Systems for gas distribution
  • Sugar factories
  • Industrial power plants

Training of operators and system maintenance personnel is an important segment that provides better maintenance of the system.

Digital Transformation

In order to stay competitive, companies are opting for new approaches in addressing problems and increasing business efficiency. Digital transformation provides such improvements but requires a comprehensive approach (technology, organization / people, processes) in order to be truly successful. Many companies are interested in opportunities and seek partners for realization of their digital transformation strategies. In that engineering we follow modern trends and participate in partnership in Digital Transformation projects from the point of view of the integration of the management system.

Why ATO in Digital transformation?

ATO Inzenjering is a certified member of Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) since March 2019.

  • CSIA is the strongest global association in the area of control system integration
  • Founded in 1994, CSIA is a not-for-profit, global trade association that seeks to advance the industry of control system integration. Control system integrators use their engineering, technical and business skills to help manufacturers and others automate their industrial equipment and systems. CSIA helps its members to improve their business skills, provides a forum for sharing industry expertise, and promotes the benefits of hiring a certified control system integrator. CSIA has over 500 member companies in 40 countries.
  • CSIA Digital Transformation Taskforce traces and form best practices in field of Digital Tarnasformation and Ato is actively involved.


Industrial Cybersecurity as a component of business security

Cybersecurity in industrial systems is completely different than IT cybernetic security because of different priorities in these two fields and therefore requires completely different profile of experts.

Ultimately, both groups of experts combine the results of their work into a single entity with a purpose of effectiv protection of the company from potential cyber threats and the ability to quickly and safely recover the system in an incident.

Why ATO in OT Cybersecurity?

  • Company and employee certifications

- ISO 9001 - Quality management

- ISO 14001 - Environment

- OHSAS 18001 – Health and Safety

- ISO 50001 - Energy efficiency

- Certification for automation technologies of various global vendors

- Certified Siemens Solution Partner Automation for Industrial Communications

- ISA / IEC 62443 – Industrial Cybersecurity of OT (Automation System - PLC / SCADA / DCS)

- Certified Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) - Best Practices and Benchmarks Certification (Membership and Certification of Best Practices of the Leading Global Association of Automation System Integration Companies)

  • Established business processes and procedures
  • High-quality available resources
  • Vast experience in industry and technology
  • Specialist knowledge and references
  • Technical impartiality
  • Active following of the latest trends
  • Large number of references with a full set of products and industrial communication systems with cybernetic security elements
  • Cooperation Agreement FERIT - SIEMENS - ATOS - ATO Engineering in scientific, research, educational and commercial projects in the field of cybersecurity of industrial systems. (FERIT is Osijek University Electrical Engineering Faculty)
  • Participation in Risk awareness effort in Cyber Security - Ato inzenjering d.o.o. has been co-organizer of three annual CSC conference in the field of Cyber Security in Osijek