Get the most out of your facility

using ATO experience and expertise in the development of supervisory and control systems.

About Us

ATO knows all about automation

We have been designing, implementing and maintaining monitoring and management systems for more than 30 years.

We build systems from the ground up, but we are also prepared to deal with outdated systems and formats.

We are tenacious and proud enough to make them work better, more efficiently and more economically with the help of appropriate technology.

You have found a reliable partner

Use our knowledge to your advantage.

A variety of technical solutions, all imaginable certificates and a bunch of references realized around the world are the basis of the ATO approach that gives more than a SCADA system.

Put the project in proven good hands

When creating monitoring and control systems, work is done on critical systems where there is no room for error.
You need a proven professional partner that meets safety and environmental standards, as well as quality.
ATO has all the necessary certificates.

We work while it's running From consulting to design with mandatory maintenance

We offer a complete service for the integration of monitoring and control systems in the industry. All the systems we have implemented are still working today thanks to the high level of quality and systematic approach to all stages of the production process: from the idea to implementation and maintenance.

When you do something 10 or more times, you discover the most efficient order of operations

It's called experience.

When you systematize that experience into a system where each step is explained, along with specific data to record for further use - you have a perfect process. That's how the ATO does it.

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